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Avoid Complacency: Employ Change Management Now

Any time that your business undergoes a change, it is important to utilize proper change management in order to ensure that the change goes through smoothly. This is becoming more and more important over time, as change becomes the norm rather than the exception. Once management identifies the need for change, it can be helpful to hire a change manager to assist them through the process. They can then be expected to undergo some of the following changes. First of all, the change needs to be effectively communicated to all affected parties. It needs to be made perfectly clear what changes are going to be made. Affected parties should understand why the changes are taking place. Just as important, they should understand what would happen if the change were not to take place. Finally, they need to understand what training will be undergone in order for the change to take place. This communication process is one of the most important aspects of change management. If it is not utilized properly, a company will be met with a great deal of resistance from employees. Managers and employees must then become heavily involved in the process of change. Management must effectively teach the necessary skills to the employees that they need in order to do their job properly. The next step is to incentivise the training process so that it works more effectively. The target goals should be divided into several smaller goals so that the change does not seem as large or as insurmountable. When short-term goals are met, employees should be rewarded accordingly. This helps motivate the work force, allowing it to work more effectively. This process also helps subdue critics and negative thinkers who hinder the transition process. Employees feel more comfortable and motivated when they are kept in touch with the results of the changes that they are making. When success is achieved it should be congratulated. Analysis of performance should be used to encourage continued improvement. Ultimately, the changes should be included in a new organizational culture. This means that the change should be recognized for the additional changes that it creates. When one aspect of business is changed, it has effects on all other aspects of business. This should be properly recognized and dealt with through structural changes. Both managers and employees will require regular encouragement for the transmission to be completed. Old habits can take quite some time to reverse. A change manager is highly recommended for this process to run smoothly.

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Why the London Riots Created a Greater Business Travel Threat Than a Terrorist Attack

Introduction to the London riots threat If you have business travel to London, you need to read this article. In this article you will discover why the London riots created a greater travel threat than a terrorist attack. We will examine the threat posed by the London riots and demonstrations, terrorist attacks and resulting travel delays, disruptions and changes. At the end of this article, you will have a specific understanding of the required business travel management response and awareness as to why this will happen again. The London riots and demonstrations has resulted in one of the largest business travel disruptions of 2011. London Riots and Demonstrations The London riots and demonstrations have come as a complete surprise to many. It is not a unique event and certainly not unique to the UK. The scale, violence, fire and failure of the authorities is often something expected in other countries but the lack of preparedness for destinations like the UK is common and widespread. Therefore, the lack of preparedness and last-minute scramble to respond and the inability to avoid major business travel disruptions are widespread as a result. Due to the footprint of disruption, many routes and modes of transport have been negatively affected. Simple commute from the airport, trains and ports to planned accommodation options have been altered and continuous review of hazard or threat assessment are required. Furthermore, travel support providers such as taxis, hotels, restaurants, emergency services an other basic amenities have also been affected, to varying degrees. Travel and risk managers need to immediately identify: Affected areas, Degree of threat, Affected and exposed (inbound and outbound) business travellers, Arrival/departure points, Safe and non-affected areas, Mitigation or eradication options, Cost of implementation, Funds available, Emergency support, Accommodation options, On-going or developing events, Social or non-business activity, Insurance claims and compliance requirements, Cancellation criteria, Resumption of travel criteria, Extended event plans, Travel alternatives (domestic and international) The London riots have affected multiple support systems related to business and leisure travel. Any leisure travel disruptions will further compound business travel threats such as decreased accommodation options, airport congestion and increased public transport demand. Even simple actions like withdrawing money from an ATM will prove a challenge and compound the hazard/s. The London riots have had a prolonged affect on UK business travel sector, far greater than the majority of terrorist attacks. Further affects such as planning and preparation for the 2012 Olympics will also contribute to the lingering affects. A lack of planning and subsequent response capability by businesses could constitute a failure of duty of care, due diligence, corporate social responsibility, workplace health and safety or other related legislation. Terrorist attacks less of a threat than London riots With the exception of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, most have limited travel disruption and only affect a narrow band of travellers. Inclusive of the Mumbai terror attack, terrorist attacks typically have clearly defined threat elements (terrorist, bombings, gunfire, etc) whereas the London riots is a constantly changing and unclear threat. Most business travellers will be unprepared for such decision-making demands and lack sufficient experience to make consistent and safe decisions. Most contemporary business risk management systems focus on location and plausible event threats, then seek to inform or prepare travellers for the best results to mitigate or eliminate the hazards and threats. Therefore, the bulk of business travellers will not be prepared or educated on how to respond in London, with such wide spread disruption and threats. Few will have residual knowledge from information and preparation for such events in other locations, considered more likely to be medium to high risk. Many of the supporting business travel management departments and managers will be equally unprepared and resourced. A terrorist attack and other similar violent crimes would have a much smaller footprint of disruption, not affected such a wide business travel demographic, not affect business travel support providers so comprehensively or have such a prolonged impact on all exposed. Routine travel delays, disruptions and changes represent one of the most persistent and probable travel risk management issues. Travel delay, disruption and changes Change management and the decision-making involved is one of the most commonly accepted workplace hazard concerns. This is equally relevant to business travel and business travel threats. The instinctive and guided response of travellers to any delay, disruption or change can significantly affect the outcome of any spontaneous or new hazard as it presents. Particularly when this is the first level of response, before support options and resources can be activated or come into affect. Travel delays have been triggered due to airport and airline workers unable to get to work, taxi drivers not able to refuel vehicles, hotels and staff overwhelmed, business travellers unprepared and convergence of business and leisure travellers upon all available exit travel nodes. Access to information, at all levels, the ability to consume and process all the options and explore alternatives is imperative in this and similar travel disruption events. Crisis leadership will succeed more frequently than simple crisis management, to which are dependent upon timely and accurate information from all available resources. Unfortunately, many will fail to fully understand the gravity of the events, the threats posed and respond or prepare accordingly. While many others exposed will chalk it up to another force majeure or random act that is just part of the rich experience of international travel. Courts, business travellers and peer review increasingly do not share this flippant view. This scenario and lack of preparedness has been played out numerous times in recent history. Volcanos, volcanic ash affects, Japan's tsunami, airport closures, airline failure and many others have caught business travellers and managers alike unprepared. This disturbing trend will continue. Conclusion: London riots threat You should now see why the London riots have a far greater impact and threat to travellers than you may have originally thought. We have examined the business travel threat posed by the London riots, terrorist attacks and resulting travel delays. You now have a specific plan for this and similar events and the required business travel management and response. This will happen again. Perhaps not in London, perhaps not a city wide demonstration but this kind and scale of business travel disruption event will happen more than once before the end of 2011. Review your plan and make the necessary enhancements now.

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The Business March 20th 2013: The “So a Bishop and an Old Lady Walk Into The Business…” Edition

With a set-up like that, you just KNOW you’re in for wacky hijinks!!

This week we welcome back an old favorite before she becomes worm food.  

At age 77, Lynn Ruth Miller is a renaissance woman who wears many hats. She entertains audiences of all ages with comedy and song. She is living proof that the older you are, the more fun you have.Lynn Ruth is the host on two television programs on public access television, Channel 26 in Pacifica: “What’s Hot Between The Covers” (book reviews and interviews in the arts) and “Paint With Lynn” (a hands on creative arts series)

We are also happy to have, all the way from LA, the fabulous Pat Bishop.
Pat Bishop writes, produces, and directs sketches and other content at Funny Or Die, and performs stand-up across the country. He's super into ginger ale.  So he and Lynn Ruth already have a lot in common!

All these wonderful guests, plus your Business regulars Bucky “Chicken Crossin the Road” Sinister, Nato “Stupid Blonde” Green, Sean “Knock Knock” Keane and Caitlin “Yo Momma” Gill.  

This whole show is just $5!!! And you can bring a friend for freeeeeee!  http://thebusinesscomedy.blogspot.com/

Get there early!  WE SELL OUT.

BYOBurrito cause I ain’t sharin’ mine.  NO JOKE. 

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Help Desk Hangouts: Google+ Profile and Page Update

Editor’s note: Each week on the Google+ Your Business page, we’re putting you in touch with Googlers and users who can help you as a business owner get the most out of our products and features.

In our latest Help Desk Hangout On Air, we chatted with +Navin Kadaba, who works on Google+. We walked through the updates to Google+ profiles and pages that rolled out last week, learning about the new, larger cover photo, the refreshed look and functionality of the About tab, and the new customizable tabs for profiles.

Miss the event? You can watch the whole thing on the Google and Your Business YouTube channel.

Check out the video description on the YouTube page for a minute-by-minute breakdown.

Some of the questions we answered during the Hangout:
What size photo should I upload as my new cover photo?
We recommend that you upload an image that is 960 x 540 px (16x9 aspect ratio). At a minimum, please select a photo that is 480 x 270 px. For HD displays, we’ll take a maximum resolution of 2120 x 1192 px.

What does the update look like on mobile?
This is a desktop-only update for now.

Any tips and tricks to making my page look good?
We’d recommend keeping the essential aspects of your cover photo toward middle, vertically. The bottom fifth of the cover photo will sometimes be covered by a dark gray bar, and when people visit the page, the top portion of the cover photo may not be visible. We also recommend uploading a large, zoomed out profile photo, so you can crop the photo to appear as you’d like.

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The Business March 13, 2013: The “Hand or Mouth?” Edition

What!?!  It’s a perfectly valid question!  Our guests this week include one half of the brilliant pair that run Hand to Mouth, which is an excellent monthly show where comedians perform all new material on a specific social, cultural or political issue. One show, one topic.  Juicy stuff like commercialism, technology, gender and conspiracy theories.  Check one out the first Friday of the month at 10.  Until then, bring your hands and mouths to The Business to see Trevor Hill!
Trevor’s humor oscillates between deeply personal material about homeless family members and adolescent trauma to absurd vignettes about Bolivian Phil Collins fans and bayou-dwelling pornographers. He has been described as inventive, candid, engrossing and infertile. 

And that’s not all!
 “Three goats are playing soccer. Christopher Hitchens, driving an armored car with a huge, blunt lance attached to the front, chases them off the field while chuckling eruditely to himself.” – These are the dreams of Matt Louv.  Find more of his subconscious musings at http://bearswithcigars.blogspot.com/and find him at The Business this week!
Plus, a set from Lyall Berhens!  Use your hands to put THAT in your pipe and smoke it with your mouth!

These fabulous guests plus your regulars, Sean “Handyman” Keane, Bucky “The Mouth” Sinister and Caitlin “Talk to the Hand ‘cause the Mouth Ain’t Listenin” Gill.

Just $5!  This whole show is just $5! AND you can bring a friend for free with these nifty coupons! http://thebusinesscomedy.blogspot.com/

BYOBurrito.  Carry it with your mouth and eat it with your hands.  VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.

Fueling discoverability and engagement with Google+

Cross-posted with the Inside AdWords blog.

Automotive brands were among the first advertisers to adopt Google+ and they’re making it pay off in big ways. Our research has shown that the path to buying a car is becoming more and more social, with consumers relying on information and advice from their social connections and brands to inform their purchase. Millions of consumers are already engaging with the top global auto companies on Google+, and brands are using this opportunity to connect and engage with customers in unique ways, from connecting with auto enthusiasts through G+ Communities to launching new car models via Hangouts.

Today we’re releasing new insights on how Google+ is working to amplify auto brands’ existing marketing campaigns. For example, we found that brands can experience a 91% increase in conversion rate for non-brand terms when running social annotations on search ads.

Please check out our infographic below for additional insights and tips, and visit our Google+ Business site to learn more about Google+.

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The Business March 6th, 2013: The “OMG you’re a Pisces too?!?” Edition.

The Business staff Astrologer (full time, executive position) has cautioned us that gathering this many Pisces in one location could be an attempt by the stars to assemble a monstrous VoltronFish that would terrorize the world.  Mainly by being really moody and sensitive, but the world would put up with it cause it would have a creative spirit.  

Warnings of monsterfish from the 12 Sign aside, we are gonna party Business style to celebrate the birthdays of regulars Nato Green and Caitlin Gill, as well our guests, Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor!!

Johnny Taylor uses sharp wit, and off-beat sensibilities to communicate his sometimes tragic life experiences in a hilarious way.  He has opened for some of the biggest names in stand-up comedy, including Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brian Posehn, Wayne Federman, and more.  They all wish him a very happy birthday.  

Keith Lowell Jensen has found a very unique niche in comedy. He is the non-pot smoker that performs at pro-marijuana legalization benefits. He is the straight host of The Gay and Lesbian Comedy Show. He is the non-disabled founder and sometimes host of The Comedians With Disabilities Act, and he is the atheist member of the multi-faith comedy show about religion, The Coexist? Comedy Tour. Yes, Keith Lowell Jensen the Non-Pot Smoker, Non-Gay, Non-Religious, Non-Disabled comedian has become a professional token. The one thing he does just like everyone else is get old. 
Also a set from Bryce Jones! Bryce sounded like a smart 20 year when he was performing in clubs at 14.  Now that he is a smart (almost) 20 year old, he sounds like THE FUTURE.

All these wonderful guests and your regulars, Nato “Birthday Boy” Green, “CumpleaƱosGill, Sean “Yo MOMMA’S birthday” Keane, and Bucky “Belated BUT NOT BELEAST” Sinister.

Just $5!  And you can bring a friend for free! http://thebusinesscomedy.blogspot.com/


BYOBurrito, put a candle in it.  Then put a ring on it. COMMIT ALREADY, YOU’RE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. 

Looking for Ways to Grow Your Business Online? Meet Friday 15

In 15 minutes, you could clip coupons, wash dishes, fold laundry, dance to your favorite song... three times, or you could learn some new tips to help your business succeed on the web. Businesses that are online grow faster.* Make it a habit to grow your business online with Friday 15, a series designed to help small businesses make the most of their online presence.

Friday 15 answers questions small business owners need to know, like: How should I choose the pictures on my website? How can I monitor my business online? What should my website be called? How should I handle a bad review? What information should I include on my website?

If you want to learn more about growing your business online, visit www.gybo.com/friday15 for training videos and tip sheets. You can also tune in to live discussions with industry experts during the Get Your Business Online team’s Friday 15 Google+ Hangouts. Each episode is 15 minutes or less and will provide you with tools, tips, and practical use-cases to help grow and promote your business online. The series is open to everyone. All you need to join us is a computer and an internet connection. The Hangouts air every other Friday on +Google+ Your Business at 11:00a.m. PT/2:00p.m. ET. Watch this Friday, March 8th, for a discussion on optimizing your website.

Friday 15 is brought to you by Get Your Business Online with Google, an initiative to help small businesses get online and succeed online. Visit the Friday 15 page at www.gybo.com/Friday15 for directions on how to watch a Hangout and sign up to receive Friday 15 tips, news, event notifications and more.

*Source: BCG Report, "The Connected World: The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity," March 2012

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Change Management - Without the Problems

Good Relationships -Your Key to Success When you're given the role of change management Project Manager there are some simple steps you can take to develop a win- win situation for your boss and eveveryone on your team. You begin by putting all the energy you can into relationship development. Make sure you get to know everyone on your team. Do this and team members will have regard for your direction and guidance. Levels of resistance experienced in your change management will be much lower. Helping Your Team to Make the Decision Assuming you've taken the above advice you're going to also find it much easier to get with your team one-on-one and help them to sort out personal issues they've got to get through before they can give you 100% support as the change manager. Getting Rid of the Fear of Change You will have realized that the fear of change involves the fear of the unknown. Begin by having informal meetings with your team where you share what change they can expect in the next six months. Get them to ask questions and answer them honestly. Under no circumstances tell lies. That causes you to lose credability in the eyes of the team members - big time. If you don't know the answer say so and tell them you'll get it before your next meeting. Maximizing the Input from Team Members As an effective change manager one of your biggest tasks is to give everyone a sense of owning the change process. The best way to do this is to provide all members with the greatest opportunity to have an input. Let them input their thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Then they will want to communicate more, stay informed and cooperate with the change. Treating Everyone on The Team as An Adult The biggest no no for a change manager is to treat the team as children. Treat them as adults with good thinking skills and you will be way in front with successfully managing your project. Treat them as adults and they'll be your friend. Treat them as children and they'll be your foe. As your friend they will want to work with you. This really is one of the easiest attitude changes to make. Reward Copperation with The Change Manager Your change management plan will go smoothly when you offer rewards for cooperation. The rewards may be as simple as acknowledging a team member's contribution at a meeting, or as complex as offering a promotion in the restructed workplace. Be careful with this one. Such rewards have proved themselves in the past to generate a flood of goodwill from the team towards the change manager. Use these tools in your role as change manager and getting your change project completed will be much easier. Remember to, Foster Good Relationships, Help Your Team to Make the Decision, Get Rid of the Fear of Change, Maximize the Input from Team Members, Treat Everyone on The Team as An Adult, and Reward Copperation with The Change Manager.